Gianluca Bonomi - fly fishing enthusiast -

I consider myself a fanatic and modern fly fisherman. I like fly fishing applied to all types of fish and all waters. Several years ago I was lucky enough to encounter my first bass on fly and since then I have never been able to do without them. Fly fishing for sea bass is fascinating and daunting, fly fishing means facing the water starting with different handicaps (the wind, the casting, the size of the places and the great limit of the fishing distance), but once you overcome it mentally and once the technique has been refined, one soon realizes that the sea bass is one of the most beautiful fish to fly fish. In fact, the horizontal action typical of fly fishing (both top water and in the first layers of water) is perfect for hunting the queen of the lagoons and you can also notice that all the handicaps they had at the start are faithful allies on long days at sea.
I am the owner and founder of the Alps Sore & Fishing Services shop, a store specializing in fly fishing and spinning (both tackle and self-building lures for both techniques)
I am a Professional Fishing Guide qualified with AIGUPP since 2017, I mainly work for bass fishing in the lagoon for trout and grayling fishing in the Italian Alps.
Since 2021 I am an IGFA (International game Fishing Association) certified Captain & Guide and in the same year I achieved the qualification of Guide with FFI (Fly Fisher International)

Our Guides go fishing every week in the waters proposed by us, they know and experience the seasonal trend and every slightest change in rivers and waters: the water levels and the seasonal effects of the moon and the tide make fishing difficult to interpret, and it is here that the work of the Guide is fundamental. The result of the fishing day in terms of satisfaction, fishing experience and cultural growth depends on the Guide who accompanies you. It often happens that the deep knowledge of the Guide puts you in a position to be successful even in the most difficult season. Our Guides offer their customers the service they would expect themselves when facing a fishing trip.

Gianluca Bonomi, titolare Alps Store & Fishing Services

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